Gen Con List…Update

Update to Gillian’s Gen Con 2016 List of Must-Have/See Games of Awesomeness and/or Interest.

When we left for Gen Con, I had a list of 10 games I really wanted to see (check out link above). As soon as those doors opened, my list kind of went out the window. Suddenly, I wasn’t interested in seeing games like Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu or Legendary Encounters Firefly. I wanted to see games I hadn’t heard of before. Surprises. There are very few games on my list that we actually saw and even fewer we purchased. In fact, the only game we purchased from my list was Beyond Baker Street. Don’t get me wrong, if Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle was more plentiful, we would have purchased it in a second but as there were only 50 copies each morning…that didn’t happen. Ah well, it shall be available online soon enough.

My biggest disappointment from my list was definitely Kung Fu Panda: The Board Game by Modiphius. I didn’t expect it to be for sale or anything but…according to Modiphius’ website, and I quote!…

Kung Fu Panda The Board Game will be launching at GenCon 2016 and available to retail from September 2016.

I didn’t know what to expect to see as there are no pictures beyond the cover art, which is a “work in progress” but I darn well thought I’d see something. I would have taken anything. Someone who knew anything about the game. Come on! It says it’s “launching” at Gen Con 2016 and there was nothing but a picture of the cover art hidden at the bottom of one of their banners. Ridiculous. Not only that, we bothered asking one of the Modiphius guys about the game thinking they might know something…anything. All they could tell us was…”ummm…it’s launching on Kickstarter, I think in September and it’s by Modiphius so it’ll be cool”. Seriously. That’s all the information we could find out about a game that was “launching”. Ah. Unfortunately, this experience has not turned me off to the game because I still want it! It has just made me want to yell at Modiphius for getting my hopes up and disappointing Iain, who was also super excited to check it out.

K…enough ranting. If we didn’t pick up the games on my list then, what did we get?

Mythe by LudiCreations
Gigamons by Blue Orange Games
Titan Race by Fun Forge
Unusual Suspects, Cthulhu in the House, and Potion Explosion by CMON
Ice Cool by Brain Games
Dr. Eureka and New York 1901 by Blue Orange Games
Prospectus, Helionox and the Legends Expansion for Spurs by Mr. B. Games
Killer Snails by Killer Snails
Animals on Board by Stronghold Games
Dwar7s Fall and Cosmic Pioneers by Vesuvius Media
Heroes Wanted by Action Phase
Igor by R&R Games
Don’t Mess with Cthulhu by Indie Games and Cards
Lots of Krosmaster by Japanime Games
4 Taverns and We Come in Peace by Rather Dashing Games
Dicey Goblins by Renegade
Epic Roll by Summon Entertainment
Simon’s Cat by Steve Jackson
Beyond Baker Street and Broadsides by Zman Games
Escape the Room by ThinkFun Games

As of today, we still haven’t played some of the games: New York 1901, Prospectus, Helionox, Dwar7s Fall, Cosmic Pioneers, 4 Taverns, Broadsides and Escape the Room. Wow…more games than I thought. Off to play some games! Be sure to check back for reviews of all the games we acquired.

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