Masters of Football (p)Review

Open the Box Games takes a look at Masters of Football now on Kickstarter. An awesome game about managing your football team best to defeat your opponents. NOTE: The rules have been updated with improved clarity and organization since this video was shot!


Tiny Epic Galaxies

Video by Gamelyn Games Tiny Epic Galaxies is the 3rd installment in the Tiny Epic series by Gamelyn Games and designer Scott Almes. The previous installments were Tiny Epic Kingdoms and it’s sequel (using the same races) Tiny Epic Defenders (a co-op). Both games made their mark by packing what would normally be a much…


Auctions for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund

Iain James has posted a brand new copy of Square Shooters (as seen on this Monday’s Component Moment) up for auction here: Open the Box Games has posted a listing for the auction here: This is for a great cause! Bid often, and bid HIGH! God Bless!

Dead Drop Thumb

pReview of Dead Drop by Crash Games

Dead drop is a fast-paced micro deduction card game by Jason Kotarski and published by Crash Games. In Dead Drop you will find elements of memory games (only with an ever-changing board). There are elements of a spy theme, with the trading of secrets and information and deciding what to keep from your oponents (light,…