Code Master by ThinkFun Games


Iain received Code Master this past Christmas and we have played it quite a bit since then. We have not gotten so far as to complete all 60 levels…mostly because each time we take the game out…Iain insists on starting back on level 1. Thankfully, it’s not a game I have memorized so each time we redo a level…it seems brand new.

The first thing that drew Iain’s attention to this game was definitely the character on the front of the box. The second he saw it at Target he wanted it. Like most kids these days, he loves Minecraft and the Avatar character is most definitely reminiscent. Although that is what first drew him in, after playing the game, he really enjoys figuring out how to program the character to get to the portal…whether he should jump or run or slide to get through the obstacles…and he always makes the Avatar “act out” the moves along the way.

Yesterday, when he took the game out to play, I mentioned to him that it reminds me of Portal Knights (a video game he’s been watching videos of on YouTube)…needing to collect all the blue crystals before going through the portal to the next map…and that made him even more excited.

So…all in all…Iain loves the game…both for it’s gameplay and style of the game.

As an adult…I also love this game. Sure…it starts out super easy (for me and Iain) but it does (like every ThinkFun game I’ve played) get much more challenging throughout the levels. It is so much fun to watch Iain figure out the different levels (and figure them out myself). It is also a very intuitive game…not a lot of rules and instructions…a couple minutes after opening the box…you can play and enjoy!

Speaking of the box…I am pretty impressed by this one. As you can see in the picture below, it comes with an insert to organize the tokens. I am always super excited when games come easy to organize and this game is no exception. And the fact that you can take the organizer out while playing so all the pieces are easily accessible is just great. You are constantly changing out which tokens are available for each level and this makes it easy to find what you need. Might seem like a small thing but owning many kid games that come in really chincy boxes…it’s always a nice surprise when a company puts some thought into them.


Anyway…be sure to be on the lookout for Iain’s video review. I will be sure to post a link to it when it’s available.

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