Monster Factory by Rio Grande Games


Iain just finished shooting his video review of Monster Factory the other night so this will not include his thoughts on the game (you’ll have to wait for the video). I, however, wanted to give my two cents, as well.

Since we got this game last June (2015) we have played it an unimaginable amount of times. This is our go-to game if we want to just relax and play a super fun and funny game. We have never had a dull moment…even when we struggle to complete our monsters and/or minions.

Iain and I have even started playing the game as a co-op where we take turns drawing tiles to see just how big we can make the monsters and minions and what shapes they will take before running out of tiles. We can play while hanging out and talking or just watching tv…there isn’t a game in our collection that has gotten more play than this one purely because it’s always fun and since it just consists of a bunch of tiles…it’s super easy to take out and play. No set up necessary.

It’s also one of those games where…if Iain wants to play a game and I’m super tired…I’ll request this one…I am always in the mood to play it. It might be super simple…draw tiles…make monsters…but it really is just down right enjoyable. It’s definitely staying in our collection for a very long time!

We recently took this game to a game night at Iain’s school and even the very little kids (3 and 4 year olds) enjoyed just creating monsters with the tiles…no rules…no competition…just pure enjoyment. Fun for all ages.

The one thing Iain and I wish…is that there were more versions of this game. We enjoy it so much…we would love to see…maybe a robot version? Pirates? Villains? Really…anything would be great. Not because we have gotten tired of the monsters (we just played it a ton on Monday) but because we love it so much…we want more!!


Anyway…be on the lookout for Iain’s video review. We are editing it up tomorrow so hopefully it will be online sometime next week. I will be sure to post the link as soon as it’s available.

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