Painting with Rob Oren

Iain got to be a LIVE guest on Painting by the Numbers with Rob Oren (from The Dice Tower and his channel (rob oren) on YouTube) this past Monday. He loved meeting Rob at Gen Con and was super excited to do a live show. He was bouncing up and down for weeks. We finally were able to get together and he had so much fun! Iain has never done a live show was our first time so it was an interesting experience. I am used to being able to edit. In fact, I love editing. So it was strange to take that aspect away. That said, Iain had so much fun he is trying to plan live shows he can do on his/our channel so you might see some in the near future. After all, we bought a web cam and all so...might as well use it 🙂 Thinking some live unboxings and maybe even a live review or two. We shall see.

Iain asked to learn to paint Zombie 15', a HUGE undertaking. There are so many miniatures. Luckily, they are mostly zombies so you can pretty much paint them using the same method each time. And...Rob is awesome at painting and teaching so the minis are coming out pretty well. Iain is having lots of fun and learning a lot, which is the whole point.

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