Publisher: Ravensburger (2013)
Game Designer: Peter-Paul Joopen
Number of Players: 2-4
Average Time: 15-20 minutes

Bugs in the Kitchen

A Review by Gillian

This is the first game Iain ever reviewed. He loved it so much when he got it that he asked to do a video...we went to his room with a camera and he talked away...

So...I will always have a sentimental attachment to this game. However...we took this game out this week because Iain really wanted to play it and I remembered it being fun (we haven't played it in a while). Iain still loves it...he has so much fun with the HEXBUG nano and when it gets in his pantry he still gets super excited. While I enjoy his enjoyment...and will continue to play the game with him as long as he likes it...if it weren't for his thrill...I wouldn't play.

It's just one of those games where the memory of it is better than the actual game. Sure...the HEXBUG is fun but Iain has mazes and such for them to go through, which I find much more enjoyable. I find the bug gets stuck in corners a lot during the game causing us to either wait it out (which isn't much fun because it's supposed to be a fast-paced game and sometimes it gets stuck for a while) OR...tap the bug to get it unstuck...which really shouldn't be part of the game.

It's a cute game with a fun gimmick (HEXBUG nano) and simple rules. I know Iain would recommend the game but...we play many, many other games that are much more enjoyable than this one so I just can't recommend it.

I absolutely love Iain's video, though (link to the left)...and the memory of making the video and playing the game when he was very little...and I know that, regardless of how little we play this game, it will be in our collection for a long time.

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