pReview of Dead Drop by Crash Games

Dead Drop

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Dead drop is a fast-paced micro deduction card game by Jason Kotarski and published by Crash Games.

In Dead Drop you will find elements of memory games (only with an ever-changing board). There are elements of a spy theme, with the trading of secrets and information and deciding what to keep from your oponents (light, but more than just spy-themed pictures on the cards)… and yes a game this small that actually supports a THEME!

Dead Drop 2

At the beginning of a round a “dead drop” is set up. The dead drop is the information you are after. This card is placed face-down in the middle of the play area and is secret to all players. Next you lay out a number of “stash” cards equal to the number of players. The remaining cards are dealt evenly to the players (for example 2 each in a 4-player game, with 4 cards in the stash area). At this point the deduction begins! Each player has a reference card in front of them displaying how many of each value card there are. The information initially available to you is only the cards in your hand as well as what is in the stash (not enough to determine what the Dead Drop is). Players will have to trade cards with the Stash (1-for-1), trade infomation with opponents (1-for-1), or share information (show an opponent 2 cards and if they have one card equal to the sum, trade one of the shown cards for the sum card). The goal is to not only determine the Dead Drop, but to collect 2 cards whose sum is equal to it (without giving your opponents enough information to do the same).

From James:
To sum-up my opinion of Dead Drop… wow, hmm…. “I love it” is the short answer! The slightly longer answer would be if you like Love Letter, but want more strategy and less luck then this is your game. This game is an absolute home-run for me! It is a bit difficult for a new player to be competitive on their first game though by the lack of luck, so expect to play through a game to get everyone acquainted before they are fully competitive and know how to share, but not share too much information… But that is what makes this game brilliant! It’s the greater depth of strategy vs other, similarly-sized games that makes Dead Drop shine! I can’t wait to see the alternate decks that stretch goals can turn out but as it is… it’s game enough for me! Well done, Crash Games! This is my favorite micro game I’ve played!

From Gillian:
I never expect much from micro games and haven’t liked many that other people love. But…I have to agree…I do LOVE Love Letter so to find a game that has the feel of Love Letter but with much more strategy is a fantastic surprise. It is definitely a tense game! Every choice is HUGE in this strategic game and even if you figure out the Dead Drop…you still have to devise a way to get two cards in your hand that add up to the Dead Drop number. Awesome!

Our “How-to-play” video:


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