Top 10: Iain James' Top Ten Games of All Time

Iain has been wanting to make his Top Ten list for a long time. He has been watching so many people on the Dice Tower post theirs and he wanted to join in the fun. It was quite a bit of work as he's played hundreds of games. We have over 300 and he's played almost all of games from Origins last year and ones he's played at our friendly local game store. That might not sound like a TON but for a 7 year old, that's quite a lot. And loves so many games that it was extremely challenging. He decided to choose from the games we actually own so that he would be be able to show the games in the video while talking about them.

He wanted to have some honorable mentions, as well...
Dino Race by Ares Games (review coming soon!)
Legendary Encounters by Upper Deck
Council of Verona by Crash Games
Fief France 1429

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