Publisher: Gamelyn Games (2015)
Designer: Scott Almes
Number of Players: 1-5
Average Time: 30 minutes

Tiny Epic Galaxies

Kickstarter pReview

A Review by James and Gillian

Tiny Epic Galaxies is the 3rd installment in the Tiny Epic series by Gamelyn Games and designer Scott Almes. The previous installments were Tiny Epic Kingdoms and it's sequel (using the same races) Tiny Epic Defenders (a co-op). Both games made their mark by packing what would normally be a much larger format game into a box that will fit the pocket of cargo pants. With Tiny Epic Galaxies, we take to the stars in search of resources and inter-galactic dominance!

In Tiny Epic Galaxies (TEG), the goal is to win victory points by upgrading your galaxy and by colonizing distant planets with your fleet of rockets. Upgrading your galaxy gives players extra dice and more ships to use in their conquests. Players take turns rolling custom dice, hoping to roll symbols allowing them to perform specific actions (ala Yahtzee). But here is where the Yahtzee comparison ends! In TEG, you aren't simply trying to roll the best symbols in the highest quantity... There is also the chronology of the symbols to concern yourself with. I may not be able to use a symbol to collect energy resources from a planet since all of my ships are off colonizing culture dominated planets, but if I use a colony action, I can upgrade my galaxy and then use my move action followed by my energy collection action! Setting up and properly executing combinations is key. By colonizing other planets, you can also gain the special abilities present on that planet! To get a good idea of the gameplay I suggest you visit the Kickstarter campaign page. at the link below.

From James:
Well, initially I wasn't sold on it. I loved both of it's predecessors, but I just couldn't get into this one. It didn't help that I had a very early prototype of the game. I saw the potential and I was excited about it, but... the love eluded me. I figured it out, something was missing. So I sat on it a while and have now brought it out again. I looked at the Kickstarter page and found exactly what I was looking for. MASSIVELY immersive artwork (the best yet in the series) and new mechanics (check out the SUPERWEAPONS!). Now that I have been spoon-fed every addition that I had hoped (and expected from Gamelyn and Scott Almes)... I am left with one conclusion, and this should sum-up my feelings:

From Gillian:
I couldn't really get into this game. My reasoning is merely because I don't like the theme. Once we figured out how to play it...I actually liked the's similar to Yahtzee with way more choices and strategy. I'm just not big on space-themed games. If it had a different theme, maybe I'd like it? There isn't nearly the amount of confrontation as there is in Tiny Epic Kingdoms (or many other games we have played) which is a HUGE plus! Really...I'm just not big on the theme...colonizing planets? ...just doesn't interest me. That said...I can't wait to review Tiny Epic Defenders...because I am excited to review a game I actually enjoy!

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