Publisher: TMG (2014)
Designers: Jay Cormier, Sen-Foong Lim
Number of Players: 2-4
Average Time: 15 minutes

This Town Ain't Big Enough

for the 2-4 of Us

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A Review by James

This Town (as it will be called for my comfort) is a micro-game in which players are cattle farmers in the Old West, staking out their claim of land for their home on the range. Each player's territory is divided by fences and marked with their individual brand (think cattle). Players take turns drawing tiles (one at a time, no hand management), and placing them as best as possible. I say "as best as possible because each territory often contains multiple players' brands in them. Scoring is according to the greatest presence within a given claim and then diminishing with each step down in total brands. I would liken the game play to Carcassonne meets Dots and Boxes. While the style of the tiles will feel like Carcassonne, the strategy and depth of play (as tested with the base game) is more like Dots and Boxes. Each player is limited to the one tile that they draw randomly each turn keeping the strategy present, albeit minimal. That said, I did have fun playing this game, and I'm sure many other players will as well... I will not, however, be adding this one to my own collection. When I go portable, I'm thinking pub and the like. I'd like to play a game with dice or plasticized cards in that environment just to avoid calamity. For my forays into portable gaming with minimal strategy and quick game play I favor games like Zombie Dice and Where Art Thou Romeo or even Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. I am not trying to dissuade anyone from buying this game and I love the games this company has produced. I simply don't have a void in my collection for this game to fill. I'll stick with Carcassonne at home and my beer-resistant games on the road. No hard feelings TMG, I had fun playing This Town!

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