Convention: Gen Con 2016: Gillian's List of Must-Have/See Games

We are going to Gen Con for the first time! We are all super excited. We have been to Origins the past couple years. It's an easy convention to go to since it's in our home state and we like the size for Iain...not too overwhelming. But we decided to forgo Origins this year for Gen Con! We are hoping to go to both next year. Then again...we were hoping to go to both this year, too...and it just didn't work out with Jim's work schedule. Ah well...

WE ARE GOING TO GEN CON! So...we have been searching around online trying to figure out what games are going to be we are at least a tiny bit prepared. I'm not going just to buy twenty million games...I'm going to SEE and PLAY the games...and buy some, too. I found the Gen Con Games website to be really helpful! Great starting point. It's tough to figure out what is being released there because some of the games on the list...we already they are obviously not releasing at Gen Con. That said...if you do some minor searching, you can figure out if they are already for sale or pre-order or blah blah blah. I attempted that but I'm still pretty sure that some of the games on my list are just going to be at Gen Con for demo purposes I said...that's long as I get to see them...I will be happy.

So...without further is...

Gillian's List of Games to at Least See at Gen Con 2016:

10. Grimslingers by Greenbrier Games: Greenbrier games are gorgeous and this one is no exception. The artwork is amazing and I am very interested in the co-op version of the game.

9. Gloomhaven by Cephalofair Games: I am drawn to this game from the start because of its artwork. I am also extremely interested in the "Choose Your Own Adventure" aspect. (Also co-op)
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8. Black Orchestra by Game Salute: It's a historical themed game about hunting Hitler (Jim is interested in the theme) and it's a co-op...I am very interested to see what this game is in person!

7. London Dread by Grey Fox Games: This game seems like one I would love. Set in Victorian England, which means the characters are amazing. The artwork is gorgeous. And it's a co-op detective game that looks extremely thematic.

6. Beyond Baker Street by Z-Man Games: I am still on the lookout for a Sherlock Holmes themed game that I actually enjoy and I have heard this is similar to Hanabi with theme. I enjoy Hanabi (I don't love it but I really like the gameplay) I'm hoping this game will be one I enjoy. (Yep...also co-op)

5. Legendary Encounters: Firefly by Upper Deck: We love Legendary Encounters: Aliens and are huge fans of Firefly so...yeah. This is a must buy!!

4. Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu by Z-Man Games: Well---duh. Pandemic + Cthulhu = MUST SEE!!!

3. Escape the Sanitarium by Greenbrier Games: This is the only competitive (non-co-op) game on my list, which is saying something! This game looks amazing...the theme is unique (and I'm hoping it's thematic) and it's a worker placement. I'm really hoping to at least see something about this game at Gen Con!

2. Kung Fu Panda: The Board Game by Modipius Entertainment: Iain and I are both excited to see this game! I am interested in how much of a game it is...or if it's just a "movie game". From what I've read it looks like it could be awesome...but it's a game made off of a movie (and an animated film at that) so while I am super excited to see what this co-op is...I'm tentative to get too excited about it. It's #2 on my list because I need to see this game to know if it's any good...and if it's good...Iain and I will be so extremely happy! We are huge fans of the movies. Kung Fu Panda is what got Iain wanting to start karate when he was just 3...and now he's a second degree black belt in Taekwondo will always have a special place in our family. Here's to hoping the game lives up to half of what is in my head!

1. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle by USAopoly: Yes...we are fans of Harry Potter. In fact, Iain is spending some time this summer reading the series. He's grown up watching the movies and probably can't remember a time he hasn't known about Harry Potter. I got hooked back in college when the books first came out. We own a few Harry Potter games: LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts, Harry Potter Hogwarts Dueling Club, Clue: Harry Potter Edition, Scene It? Harry Potter, and more of the Harry Potter TCG than I would like to admit... While we enjoy most of these...they are definitely "movie games"...some are better than others but...I'm hoping this new co-op, deck-building game is as awesome as I want it to be. I have seen all the pictures of the game and it looks like it has potential...but it also looks like it could be just a general deck-building game with a pasted on theme. I am kind of disappointed that they used screen grabs as art instead of actual artwork...that is more than a little disappointing and what makes me think this game isn't going to be quite as awesome as I hope. But...I will only know by seeing so...that is why it's #1 on my's the game I most want/need to see.

What did I miss and what are you looking forward to seeing? Let me know in the comments below!

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